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Salesforce Salesforce (France), Germany GmbH (Germany), Salesforce (Ireland), Salesforce (The Netherlands), Salesforce UK (UK)
Hilton Hilton (Italy), Hilton (The Netherlands), Hilton (Turkey), Hilton (UK)
Mars, Incorporated Mars Belgium (Belgium). ONE Mars (Denmark), ONE Mars (Finland), Mars France (France), Mars GmbH (Germany), Mars Greece (Greece), Mars Italia (Italy), ONE Mars (Norway), Mars (Mars Ibéria e Royal Canin) (Portugal), Mars en España (Spain), Mars (The Netherlands), Mars UK (UK)
Intuit Inc. Mountain View, CA, US
The Adecco Group The Adecco Group (Belgium), DIS AG (Germany), Adecco (Ireland), The Adecco Group (Italy), The Adecco Group Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Adecco Group (Norway), The Adecco Group (Spain), The Adecco Group (The Netherlands), Spring (UK), Badenoch & Clark (UK), Office Angels (UK), Adecco (UK)
DHL Express Costa Rica(2), El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic
Mercado Libre Argentina
Cisco Cisco (Ireland), Cisco Systems Italy (Italy), Cisco Poland (Poland), Cisco Systems Portugal (Portugal), Cisco Systems (Spain), Cisco Systems (Switzerland) GmbH (Switzerland), Cisco (The Netherlands), Cisco UK (UK)
Daimler Financial Services Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Austria GmbH (Austria), Mercedes-Benz Financial Services France (France), Daimler Financial Services, Unternehmensgruppe (Germany), Mercedes Benz Financial Services Italia (Italy), Mercedes-Benz Bank (Poland), Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Portugal (Portugal), Mercedes-Benz Financial Services España (Spain), Mercedes-Benz Financial Services (The Netherlands), DFS (Turkey), Mercedes-Benz Financial Services UK Ltd (UK)
SAS Institute Inc. SAS Institute Software GmbH (Austria), SAS Institute (Belgium), SAS France (France), SAS Institute GmbH (Germany), SAS Ireland Ltd (Ireland), SAS (Italy), SAS Institute Software (Portugal), SAS (Spain), SAS Institute AG (Switzerland), SAS (The Netherlands), SAS Software Limited (UK)
National Instruments Corporation USA
Stryker Kalamazoo, MI, US
SAP SE Newtown Square, PA, US
Hyatt Hotels Corporation Chicago, IL, US
Cadence Cadence Design Systems (France), Cadence Design Systems GmbH (Germany), Cadence Design Systems (Ireland) Ltd (Ireland), Cadence Design Systems (Italy), Cadence Design Systems (Poland), Cadence Design Systems Ltd (UK)
AbbVie AbbVie GmbH (Austria), AbbVie Belgium (Belgium), AbbVie (Denmark), AbbVie (Finland), AbbVie (France), AbbVie Pharmaceuticals (Greece), AbbVie Ireland (Ireland), AbbVie (Italy), AbbVie (Norway), AbbVie (Portugal), AbbVie (Spain), AbbVie (Sweden), AbbVie AG (Switzerland), AbbVie (The Netherlands), AbbVie (Turkey), AbbVie (UK)
American Express
SC Johnson SC Johnson GmbH (Germany), SC Johnson Hellas (Greece), SC Johnson Italy (Italy), SC Johnson Europe Sàrl (Switzerland), Johnson Wax (Turkey), SC Johnson Ltd (UK)
Ernst & Young LLP EY Österreich (Ernst & Young) (Austria), EY (Belgium), EY (Ernst & Young) (Poland), EY (UK)
Admiral Group plc (France), L’Olivier Assurance (France), Admiral Group plc (Italy), Admirall - EUIGS (Spain), Admiral Seguros (Spain), Admiral Group plc (UK)
Belcorp Perú
Natura Brazil
Scotiabank Canada
Diageo United Kingdom
Accor France
Autodesk United States
W. L. Gore & Associates W. L. Gore & Associés SARL (France), W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH (Germany), W. L. Gore & Associati (Italy), W. L. Gore y Asociados, S.L. (Spain), W. L. Gore & Associates Scandinavia AB (Sweden)
Falabella Chile
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