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Company Name Location List Name / Rank
NTPC Limited India
Bharat Financial Inclusion Ltd India
Marico Limited India
Capital Market Authority Saudi Arabia
Diesel and Motor Engineering PLC Sri Lanka
HNB Grameen Finance Limited Sri Lanka
Smith & Nephew Greater China, UAE
Roche Greater China, South Korea
HAYS Greater China, Singapore
Adobe Systems Incorporated India, Japan
PayPal Greater China, India
Cadence Design Systems Inc Greater China, India, South Korea
FedEx India, Sri Lanka, UAE
Kantar Health Greater China
EY Greater China, India, South Korea
Landmark Group India, UAE
S.C. Johnson India, South Korea
SAS India, Japan, Saudi Arabia
Philips India, UAE
Mastercard        Greater China, Singapore
AbbVie Montreal, Quebec
AppCentrica Inc. Toronto, Ontario
Ashfield Healthcare Canada Pointe-Claire, Quebec
Astellas Pharma Canada, Inc. Markham, Ontario
ATB Financial Edmonton, Alberta
Axonify Inc. Waterloo, Ontario
Bath Fitter Distributing Inc. Saint-Eustache, Quebec
Cactus Restaurants Ltd. Vancouver, British Columbia
Ceridian Toronto, Ontario
Cisco Systems Canada Toronto, Ontario
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